Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts

Arts are an integral part of the OES experience.

Through the Arts at OES, students develop and hone their aesthetic, creative and collaborative skills. They explore their powers of expression through singing, playing an instrument, drawing, acting, painting, sculpting, improvising, and more. Through global connections, authentic expression, and creative collaboration, students practice the creative process, expand their understanding of themselves and what it means to be human.

Music, visual arts, and performing arts are key to the way our youngest students learn. Students are mentored and instructed in the arts’ studios as well as having the arts integrated into classroom work throughout the academic year. They deepen their exposure in the arts with specialized arts classes. As Upper School students, they are free to choose among a variety of semester-length courses in the visual arts, the performing arts, and/or music, including introductory and advanced, ensemble and individual, performance-based, and non-performance based courses.

We honor
  • Student creativity
  • The growth of skills
  • The development of artistic expression
The Arts at OES strives to develop in students:
  • Individual creativity
  • Collaborative experiences through ensemble work
  • Respect for self and the community through engagement in the process of the arts
  • The ability to weave connections in music, visual arts, and performing arts throughout the school year

Music — Instrumental & Vocal

At OES we believe music is creative, joyous, academic, and interdisciplinary. It enhances the lives of all students by engaging their whole selves in the creative process, generating a lifelong appreciation and love for music. By making music, students learn the equal importance of individual self-expression and group collaboration.

The Lower School music program is rooted in the Kodaly philosophy which incorporates music literacy, movement, singing, and instruments. It engages students’ bodies, brains, and emotions in a holistic approach which sets a solid foundation for further music study.

Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual And Performing Arts (VaPA) curriculum exposes students to a creative and collaborative exploration of the arts. Students in VaPA classes develop the ability to communicate through visual art media and the performance process. Students discover personal expression, meaning through the creative process, tools and techniques in a variety of artistic disciplines, an understanding of aesthetics, and the awareness that they are part of a greater artistic history and community. Students are taught by artist-teachers who believe each child has a unique creative voice that can be fostered and developed through encouragement, inquiry, skill, and discovery. At OES the VaPA Department is a lively place where young people learn how to express themselves and value the expressions of others.