Academic Curriculum

Inquiry-Based Learning

At OES, learning from day one is active, not passive. Students don’t just study science, they do it. They don’t just read great writers, they write – and write, and write. They don’t just listen to teachers, they ask questions. Each experience leads to the next one, always driven primarily by the passion and persistence of the student who serves, in effect, as the architect of his or her education.

Our Essential Competencies

OES's Essential Competencies

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  • Cultivate curiosity and creativity
  • Construct a strong foundation of knowledge and skills
  • Design and apply solutions
  • Listen actively and recognize perspectives beyond one’s own
  • Collaborate to broaden and deepen understanding
  • Express ideas in multiple ways
  • Build resilience and respond constructively to challenges
  • Take responsibility for one’s actions
  • Value diversity and uphold the dignity of all people
  • Act with courage and compassion for self and others