2020-25 Strategic Plan

The plan contains four key areas of strategic focus and inquiry to guide our work over the next three to five years: Program, People, Place, and Plan.

Each of the four areas of focus is a continuation of the work we began more than a decade ago. The prevailing theme is renewal: renewing our more than 150-year commitment to excellence in academics through our inquiry-based program, renewing our 50-year-old campus, and renewing our commitment to cultural competence and power for good.

The Strategic Planning Committee was comprised of Trustees, parents, alumni, and employees. The process engaged nearly 700 individuals. This plan is informed by their insights and guided by the mission and vision of OES.

Examples of the work in progress are cited below.


The butterflies represent rebirth and transformation, working in sync with one another.


Bees, honeycomb, and flower represent people hard at work in all areas of OES. Joining together in work, play, and the creation of ideas, this symbol also promotes the concept of a community that brings life to a common goal.


Conifers and snowcapped mountains are symbols of the Cascade Region that OES calls home.


The acorns represent seeds and growth. Within the anatomy of the acorn lies the seed, and the acorn itself protects and fertilizes the seed to provide growth. The leaves symbolize the future oak tree it will become. Constructed in four parts, this symbol also represents the four elements of Program, People, Place, and Plan coming together as one.