First Year Areas of Focus

Primary Areas of Focus for 2023-24
The Rev. Michael Spencer, Head of School


Build relational connections with school constituencies to establish presence, partnership, authority, and leadership.

  • Establish a strong working relationship with Board of Trustees and Administrative Team.
  • Conduct informal, small group, and 1:1 sessions with OES community.
  • Meet with Parent Partnership leadership and identify challenges and opportunities for parent engagement.
  • Establish connections with student advisory groups to enrich their experience.

Academics & Curriculum

Develop presence and impact as an educational leader by gaining a deep understanding of OES curriculum, teaching, and learning.

  • Spend dedicated time in Lower, Middle, and Upper school to better understand and support each Division.
  • Develop Curriculum Review Task Force with OES instructional leaders.
  • Assess goals and objectives of professional development and the Learning and Teaching program.
  • Advance school’s commitment to DEIA and develop a relationship with team to support goals.


Develop thoughtful and intentional use of school communication media to build community engagement.

  • Regularly communicate with OES community via face-to-face meetings, email, and the school website.
  • Work with the Communications team to hone use of communication tools and regularly communicate with OES community.


Advance OES’s mission through implementation of 2020-25 strategic plan and effective operational management.

  • Continue alignment of Board communication protocols, annual work plan, and committee structure.
  • Review health and safety procedures.
  • Review hiring process to ensure competitive recruitment/retention.


Collaborate with the Advancement team to build for future opportunities.

  • Meet with and engage key donors and donor groups to advocate for and support OES development goals.
  • Strengthen major donor commitments, interest, and capacity to realize the OES Campus Plan.