Episcopal Tradition

Our Episcopal tradition matters: Rooted in a rhythm of gathering and reflection, we educate toward a larger purpose—toward inclusion and respect, understanding and compassion, service and social justice, toward meaning and commitment beyond ourselves.

The OES community is enriched by the presence of students and families from a wide variety of religious backgrounds and practices. As an Episcopal School, we desire for our students to understand the history and traditions of the Episcopal Church. This allows for a common framework of conversation. At the same time, we thrive on the diversity of our community, emphasizing the value and dignity of diverse individual religious practices and spiritual needs.

The Episcopal tradition is comprehensive and inclusive, and as a school we seek to model God's love and grace for everyone. We encourage members of every faith tradition to seek clarity about their own beliefs and to honor their own traditions more fully and faithfully in their lives. The Episcopal tradition values inquiry and reason as a way to true understanding, and as a school we encourage students and adults to pursue questions wherever they lead, as well as to value the learning and thought we have inherited from the past.

OES has a thoughtful and inclusive Pre-K–12 Chapel program, which includes a chaplain on the leadership team of each division. All are warmly invited to attend any of the weekly divisional Chapels. The Pre-K–12 Religion curriculum, taught by both chaplains and other faculty, offers age-appropriate academic instruction at all levels. Both programs introduce students to Christianity as well as other religious traditions and underscore the significance of religious and spiritual thought and practice in human culture. In addition, both programs are strongly tied to the OES Service Learning Program, reflecting the care of Episcopal schools for issues of social justice.

OES shares facilities and a mutually beneficial relationship with the Episcopal Parish of St. John the Baptist. Both are institutions of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, which is the Episcopal Church in western Oregon. The Bishop of Oregon serves as Chair of the school’s Board of Trustees.