Equity Coaching

We support faculty across the school in their efforts to make curriculum and instructional practices more culturally responsive and inclusive. This collaborative work includes redesigning units of study to include multiple perspectives, analyzing student engagement trends through an equity lens, and identifying and mitigating teacher bias and blind spots.

The coaching framework is described as the "Four Lanes of Equity Coaching" which consist of four different types of learning about equity in education including: individual coaching, team coaching,  school/division DEI support, and consulting.

Lane 1: Individual Coaching

  • Perfect for: Teachers at every stage of DEIA learning who seek sustained thought partnership to develop and/or strengthen culturally responsive curriculum and instructional practices.

Lane 2: Team Coaching

  • Perfect for: Teams looking to design or transform a lesson or unit of study, or to create the conditions for deep and safe learning with sensitive topics.

Lane 3: School/Division DEI Support

  • Perfect for: A school oriented toward equity and justice!

Lane 4: Consult

  • Those seeking another set of eyes, a sounding board, a problem-solving session; those looking to deepen their own learning through conversation and community.