Dreaming Justice Speaker Series: Community Conversations About Education and Race

The Dreaming Justice Series provides the community with opportunities to engage with scholars, educators, and artists around topics of education and race. Let this be the time that we learn how to be allies to socially marginalized groups, seek justice, and fight for the un-mattered. Join us as we dream and act for justice.

The Water in Which We Swim

Thursday, April 21, 7 p.m. PST

Musical duo Stephen Brackett and Jamie Laurie are the lead emcees of FloBots, the Denver-based alternative hip-hop band known for their hits “Handlebars” and “Me & U.” We are excited to welcome them for a unique performance where they will use music, conversation, and storytelling to discuss topics that are relevant to us all. With their engaging style and humor, Brer Rabbit (Brackett) and Jonny 5 (Laurie) will bring the audience along on a journey that explores the intersection of art and social movements.

More About the Artists

When Stephen Bracket and Jamie Laurie met in elementary school, they had no idea they were embarking on a 30-year friendship that would weave together social activism, non-profit leadership, and careers as professional rappers. Nor could they have anticipated how they would each have to navigate the complex web of invisible boundaries and minefields laid out for them—for all of us—by a fractured society fragmented by profound historical wounds and competing visions for the future.

Past Dreaming Justice Events

A photo of Flobots and their logo
Brer Rabbit (Stephen Brackett) and Jonny 5 (James Laurie) are the lead emcees of the Flobots, the Denver-based alternative hip-hop band known for their platinum single, “Handlebars,” and for their commitment to grassroots social change. Flobots recorded their first full-length album, "Fight With Tools," in 2007. The album’s meteoric success led to a record deal, international touring, constant radio play, and appearances on late night television. Since that time, Flobots have utilized the spotlight to shine a light on the needs of their local community and beyond, and have treated the stage as a platform from which to bolster positive social movements.
When they’re not on stage, Brackett serves as Colorado’s music ambassador and works as Director of Innovation & Incubation at Youth On Record, a nationally recognized organization founded by Flobots that offers musical training and recording facilities as a tool for youth development for Denver’s at-risk communities. Laurie is Community Engagement Coordinator for Project Worthmore, where he applies his love of language learning to serve Colorado’s refugee community.

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