Affinity Groups for Parents and Guardians

Affinity groups at OES are designed to support families whose identities have been underrepresented or marginalized and increase families’ sense of belonging in the community by providing spaces for renewal, dialogue, reflection, and action. 

These groups offer caregivers the opportunity to discuss their individual experiences among a peer group that shares a common identity. Parents and guardians develop self-awareness and cultural knowledge, problem solve social interactions, and build communities of support. The groups are facilitated by two to three parent facilitators, and supported by the Director for Equity & Inclusion.

Please note: These groups are for parents/guardians only. Click here under STUDENT LIFE to learn more about affinity and allyship groups for students.

If you would like to attend future gatherings with any of these groups, or if you are seeking support from the school to start a parents/guardians affinity group of your own, please contact the Office of Equity & Inclusion at

Tapestry: Parents/Guardians of Learners of Color

  • This affinity group is for families who have students that identify as of Color. This group exists to create space to support each other, network, and advocate for students. In this space, parents come together to build community for themselves and their children, learn about various supports to strengthen positive identity, connect with school leadership, and educate themselves on issues that affect student life.

Neurodiverse Community Affinity Group (NCAG)

  • Families join this affinity group in search of support for themselves and their students who deal with learning differences such as ADHD, autism, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyslexia. The group meets regularly to offer resources and support, advocate for increased awareness to normalize neurodiversity, and share best practices for neurodivergent individuals, with a focus on addressing systemic barriers that create inequitable opportunities and outcomes. 

LGBTQ+ Families Affinity Group

  • This affinity group is for parents and guardians only and supports LGBTQ+ families in all their forms, be it parents/guardians of LGBTQ+ students or parents/guardians who themselves identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. It offers a safe space where members can foster a sense of belonging, support one another, and strengthen their voice within the school community.

Affinity Groups: FAQs