Equity & Inclusion

As an Episcopal school, we are rooted in the values of compassion for our human family, the strength of dialogue to promote understanding, and a commitment to inclusion. Our Episcopal roots further challenge us to create an environment—both within and beyond our school—that recognizes and values each person’s lived experiences and where everyone thrives and is known.

To be an inclusive institution, however, we need to become both individually and institutionally culturally competent by:

  • Building self-awareness: understanding who we are in relationships to those around us.
  • Developing intercultural communication skills: understanding how culture impacts communication and developing skills to communicate effectively with people of many cultures.
  • Cultivating cultural knowledge: listening and learning about the experiences and dynamics of cultures that are not our own.
  • Acting to be inclusive: acting on an individual and institutional level by reflecting and evaluating our individual actions as well as our institutional structures and systems.

This work takes on a number of forms, all of which are rooted in our Essential Competencies of Explore, Create, Connect, Commit, and Reflect.

Courageous Conversation: Raising Racially Conscious, Social Justice Activist Children

Recommended by OES Director for Equity & Inclusion Dyan Watson. Join a Courageous Conversation about the power of being explicit about race and social responsibility while raising children of all races. Participants will examine race in their own lives and build skills to usher in the next generation.

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Dyan Watson

Dyan Watson

Director for Equity & Inclusion
Willow McCormick

Willow McCormick

All-School Equity Coach
Mariah Jiang

Mariah Jiang

E&I Administrative Assistant