The Upper School years represent the challenging homestretch of the OES experience. Upper School is a time to tap new passions, discover new interests and apply sharpened skills to everything from advanced science projects to independent art shows to exploring the best college options. Students in the lower grades look up to the Upper School Students. And they, in turn, look forward to college and what lies beyond with poise and confidence. Factors which differentiate the Upper School experience include:

  • A research-based science program with opportunities for mentoring by professional scientists and participation in national and international competitions.
  • Advanced Placement or research-based humanities classes, such as the Literary Journalism Project
  • Numerous opportunities in the visual and performing arts enable students to explore their talents to the fullest.
College Counseling Winterim Academics
Service Learning

College counseling provides invaluable support to juniors and seniors seeking the best college match.


Students spend a week or more each spring immersed in one topic or on a trip in the Winterim program.

Boarding Program

We offer traditional courses as well as research-based, cross-disciplinary, and experiential courses.

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