Why Giving Matters

Thank you for supporting a mind-opening education.

Thousands of OES families past and present, alumni, employees and community members support OES with generous contributions. The commitment of our donors to the OES community is remarkable. A partnership, a community, a family: We are most grateful for all the people who call OES home.

Creative Buddies

"Seniors gain a sense of the whole community, a chance to be playful, enhanced empathy and consideration of others, and the positive feeling of being looked up to (literally and figuratively!)"
Debby Schauffler, US English teacher

For the past two years, Senior English and prekindergarten students met every few weeks all year to share stories, do art, go for walks, write poetry, and play. Both groups loved their time together.

Here, students in Debby Schauffler’s Shakespeare class are helping their Pre-K buddies by reading through the script of a play, written from their ideas and stories by Performing Arts instructor Peter Buonincontro. Seniors then helped with rehearsals, memorization, encouragement, and applause. They then performed the play at Upper School Gathering for the Pre-K, with each senior taking their buddy’s role.

Learning in the Lower School

LS artists
"Having a new space that emphasizes flexibility, beauty, collaboration, and choice allows these opportunities for the children to think, construct, and create at their own pace."
Colesie Tharp, Pre-K teacher

We asked our faculty to think about how we teach today, five years from now, and 20 years from now. Their big ideas defined our vision for the new Lower School. This building will provide what we need to teach today and what we will need for tomorrow.

Persevering Mathematicians

"Persevering when you are not quite sure of what to do next is a life skill as well as a math skill. Although it involves times of discomfort, the end result is so much more rewarding."
Karen Seder, MS math teacher
Mathematicians at work

An unofficial OES motto, “Students learn best when they are working together,” comes to life in Karen Seder’s sixth grade math classes. Collaboration leads to an exchange of ideas that solidifies concepts and often allows students to discover new mathematical relationships. Classes are abuzz with talk of how to tackle a problem or whose answer is right and why. “Often my job is to facilitate those discussions. It’s the class size at OES that lets me circulate and work with each small group on their math journey. I get to know each student and how best to help them see themselves as a mathematician. I love that!” says Karen.

Inquisitive Scientists

"From the brilliantly coordinated LEGO Physics program in the Lower School to the numerous research opportunities in the Upper School, there hasn't been a single year when I haven't felt intellectually stimulated and challenged by OES's science program."
Current student

By placing a priority on the ability to think, question, and communicate in a scientific manner and stressing an inquiry-based, scientific process, we believe that students will be better prepared to evaluate new information and ideas in a scientific manner. This is essential for preparing them to be informed citizens in our rapidly evolving, highly technological society.

Committed Competitors

"Playing sports at OES has allowed me to form strong relationships between the grades and has given me opportunities to connect with my community through competition."
US student-athlete

Lessons of connection and commitment are learned on the fields and courts of OES, as well as in the classroom. OES is fortunate to have teacher-coaches who know students well in both spheres. Whether it’s a practice or a semi-final, teammates and coaches are true partners in achieving triumphs and overcoming setbacks.

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