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60 On, 20 Off to Start — 2 Projects to Finish
  • School service: 60 hours of service to the school ("ON-campus"), to be completed before May of the senior year.
  • Service explorations: 20 hours of service to the community outside the school ("OFF-campus") before 2nd semester of the next academic year (e.g., between the end of 8th grade and January of 10th grade). This should typically include a variety of different activities.
  • Service learning projects: Two substantial projects to be completed by May 1 of the 12th grade year (these projects will usually be done in the later high school years, not in 9th grade).
  • Requirements for Students Entering After 9th Grade
  • Service Learning Hours Reporting Form
  • Project Proposal Form
What is a Service Project?

The requirements for a Project are based on the standards for effective Service Learning established to by the National Youth Leadership Council. Each individual student Project must:

  • Address an identified need in the local or global community
  • Include research on how to serve that need and/or how that need is being served
  • Involve the student in the process of planning and carrying out service
  • Be of significant duration and intensity to amount to true service, true learning
  • Engage the student in partnerships in the wider community
  • Promote understanding and respect for cultural and other differences
  • Include shared reflection about the effect of the service on the need and on the student. For further guidance, see about reflection.
All Service Projects must be:
  • Sponsored by a faculty or staff member through a school program (there are a variety of classes and activities that will fulfill the requirement), OR
  • Offered through a recognized outside program or agency, OR
  • Planned and executed by the student in collaboration with others

In all cases, projects must be approved by the Service Learning Coordinator. To propose a project, fill out the Service Project Proposal form. See samples of programs and activities that meet project requirements.

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