Legos & Robotics

For Grades PreK–8

LEGO KNIGHTS & CASTLES! Class is full! Can add to waitlist!  

Kristen Haferbecker
Gallop back in history to the time of knights and castles, and create a whole world out of Legos! Each day will feature a new Lego building challenge, from tall towers to strong bridges. By the end of the week you will have created an entire medieval castle, complete with moats and bridges. 
June 22–26 • 9:00–12:00
Grades 1–2 • Cost: $185

LEGO PLANES, TRAINS AND MORE! Class is full! Can add to waitlist!

Kristen Haferbecker
Using just your imagination and no kits, watch an entire city come to life, using your imagination. From cars and trains to houses and roads, we will build the transportation in a city you envision- a mini metropolis with lots of themed challenges along the way.
June 29–July 2 • 9:00–12:00
Grades PreK–1 • Cost: $155


Mozek Games
Ahoy Mate, all aboard Learning boating terms like stern, aft port, & starboard. Then learn about Archimedes’ principle and calculate how much your boat can hold. Then, build a radio controlled Lego boat and complete challenges in Laketown. Supply Laketown with what they need: food, clothing and trading goods. Challenge your friends and see how many points you can score by making the most maneuverable boat to complete your challenges.
Session A: July 6-10
Session B: August 3–7
Session C: August 17–21
Grades 1–5 • 9:00–12:00 • Cost: $210


Nathan Brown & Mozek Games 
This class is for beginning through advanced Lego builders. Students will help to design and construct a mass transportation system for a new city, designing and building cars to run on mono rails and cables systems for the citizens of their town. Students learn about friction, gearing, independent steering, and other scientific and mechanical principles.
Session A: June 29-July 2 • Cost: $180
Session B: July 27–31 • Cost: $210
Grades 1–5  • 9:00–12:00


Nathan Brown & Mozek Games 
This class is for beginning through advanced Lego builders. We will have building and learning activities followed by a challenge build. Students will build remote control cars by the end of the class to help the people of Woodville. The people of Woodville will be moving timber to the furniture factory, saw mill and paper mill. Students need to deliver their logs to the right place to get the highest team score. Students learn about friction, gearing, independent steering and other science and mechanical principles..
Session A: June 22–26 • 1:00–4:00         $210
Session B: July 20–24 • 1:00–4:00          $210
Session C: August 24–28 • 9:00–12:00   $168 (No class on Wed. 8/26)
Grades 1–5


Mozek Games
Our NXT Camps are designed for students in grades 3 through 6, building on foundational robotics concepts and advancing to team challenges by the end of the week. We will advance together through different levels of programming sophistication as we work through the sound, light, touch, and ultrasonic sensors. Students combine what they have learned to make dragsters and sumo robots by the end of the week. It is our specific objective to provide a meaningful learning experience for students, preparing them for better preparation for active participation in FIRST LEGO League!
Session A: June 22–26 • 1:00–4:00
Session B: July 20–24 • 9:00–12:00 
Grades 3–6 • Cost: $210


Mozek Games
Our NXT Camps are designed for students to build on foundational robotics concepts and advance to team challenges by the end of the week. Students will work together in teams to move through different levels of programming sophistication as we work through the sound, light, touch, and ultrasonic sensors. Students combine what they have learned to make a zoo full of their own robotic animals.
Session A: June 15–19 Grades 3–6 (Note: no EC before/after this camp)
Session B: July 13–17 Grades 5–8
Session C: July 27–31 Grades 5–8
 1:00–4:00 • Cost: $210


Mozek Games
Coaches will work with girls to give them their own challenges solving problems individually and in teams. There will be creative use of materials and ideas to generate solutions to problems. Some of these problems may include Robot rescue, coordinated designer robots, and overcoming obstacles (among others). Have fun while learning engineering skills and problem solving methods.
August 10–14 • 1:00–4:00 
Grades 4–8 • Cost: $210


Mozek Games
The Green City Challenge is ideal as a step-by-step introduction to robotics in the classroom or as preparation for robotics competitions. There are different levels of challenges for different students. Training mats provide a field where students can test and practice their programming skills. The challenge mat offers a real-life setting for solving different missions so students can apply the skills acquired through the training. Challenge descriptions guide the students from simple to more advanced programming. Students are then challenged to apply their programming and problem-solving skills by making their robots solve real-world engineering challenges related to renewable energy.
August 17–21 • 1:00–4:00 
Grades 4–8 • Cost: $210


Mozek Games
Build up to 8 different robots and complete additional programming challenges. Some of the robots include a security vault, 4-wheeler, Seeker Robot, Lift Arm, Front Wheel Steering Robot, and Pick-N-Place Robots. Must have had previous experience with robotics to attend this class.
Session A: July 6–10
Session B: August 3–7
Grades 4–8  • 1:00–4:00 • Cost: $210


Mozek Games
There are two major challenges that the young engineers will work on. First the students will build a path following robots and overcome various challenges to rescue a “victim” of a chemical spill. Students will upgrade their robots and software to overcome barriers, see-saws, and increasingly complex paths. Ingenuity, troubleshooting and teamwork skills will be utilized to solve these fun problems. As time allows, students will build soccer playing robots to remote control or play soccer autonomously by following an IR strobe light. There are challenges for the beginning to advanced roboticist.
Session A: June 29-July 2 • Cost: $180

Session B: August 24-28 • Cost: $210    This session is cancelled
Grades 4–8  • 1:00–4:00


Mozek Games
Our WeDo Robotics Camps are specifically designed for young students, utilizing the recently released LEGO Education WeDo Robotics Program that facilitates a hands-on, minds-on learning experience, redefining Robotics for primary and elementary schools. Using the provided programming software, laptop computers, activity packs, construction kits, motors, and sensors, very young students can build their own robotic models and also learn computer programming skills!
Session A: June 22–26 • 9:00–12:00

Session B: July 20–24 • 9:00–12:00 
Session C: August 3-7 • 1:00–4:00
Grades K-4 • Cost: $210


Mozek Games
Come and build animals (dogs, foxes, pigs, manta rays, and more) and machines (rockets, cable cars, catapults, and more) from Mozek Games' exclusive collection of more than 24 WeDo projects. The final challenge is to make a catcher for scurrying robotic bugs. Students explore mechanisms, machines, and programming, all while having fun building with Legos!
Session A: July 13–17 • 9:00–12:00
Session B: August 10–14 • 9:00–12:00 
Grades 1–5 • Cost: $210


Mozek Games
Trains are a longtime favorite of kids of all ages. They are also great for teaching about transportation works. Students will work as a team to design and build train transportation for a LEGO city. Use WeDo programming to make crossing gates go up and down and keep the citizens safe. Automate lights and train track switching to control and monitor the transportation system.
Session A: June 15–19 • 1:00–4:00 • Cost: $210 (Note: no EC before/after this camp)
Session B: June 29–July 2 • 1:00–4:00 • Cost: $180
Session C: August  3–7 • 9:00–12:00 • Cost: $210
Grades 1–5


Mozek Games
A class for the lover of Star Wars and Outer Space. Build and Program AT-TE walkers, X-wing fighters and robotic arms. Then, if you accept the instructor challenge, design, build and program robots based on your own Star Wars or other space creations. 
Session A: July 6–10 • 9:00–12:00
Session B: July 27–31 • 9:00–12:00
Session C: August 17-21 • 9:00–12:00
Grades 1–5 • Cost: $210

Extended Care

  • Hours
    7:30-9:00 a.m.
    12:00-6:00 p.m.

    We do not offer EC from 9 a.m. to noon
    No EC available June 15-19
  • Cost:
    $175 per week
    $40 daily
    $8 hourly
    $30 weekly lunch supervision
  • Lunch time supervision is required if staying for an afternoon camp, unless parents pick up during lunch. Children will be escorted back and forth to camps.
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