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January 11, 2017

Five alumni came back to visit with juniors and seniors to share some college advice and experiences. (Photo credit: Steph Hartford)


Winter has already made itself felt this school year. Missing the last two days of exams in December, we had to scramble to finish those assessments. Teachers found creative ways to have students do their exams at home (finals in PJ’s!), and this last week we have managed to squeeze in the last of those assessments, with minimal disruption to our regular schedule. I really appreciate the flexibility that both faculty and students demonstrated to get us through this. Now, losing another day this week (as of Monday), there is a real possibility that we will have to add some academic days back to the calendar. Stay tuned.

As of this writing, the search for a new Upper School Head is in its final stages, with visits to OES by three different candidates. The hope is that there will be an announcement of an appointment before too long.

For parents, I want to extend a special invitation to attend our annual “State of the School” presentations.  There will be an evening presentation for all parents on Monday, January 30 at 7 pm in the LS Presentation Commons. MS and LS PALs  are hosting a presentation on Wednesday, February 1 at 8 am in the MS Commons. And US PAL is hosting another session on Monday, February 13 at 8 am in the Platt Global Classroom. (10th grade PAL will still meet after the presentation, and other grade level PALs will have their regular monthly meetings.) You are welcome at any of these events.


January 12 Community Conversation - What Are You? Mixed-Race and Interracial Families in Oregon's Past and Future - Speaker: Dmae Roberts, 6:00 pm, US Great Hall
January  16 No School - MLK Jr. Day
January 17 10th Grade PAL Meeting, 8:00 am, DVR
OES Financial Aid Information Night, 7:00 pm, MS Commons 
January 18 US Choir & Instrumental Concert, 7:00 pm, OES Chapel
January 22 Community Conversations: A Conversation About Immigration in Oregon, 11:30 am, OES Chapel
January 23 11th Grade PAL Meeting, 8:00 am, DVR
Grad Party Planning Meeting, 9:30 am, DVR
Sports Leadership Class, 6:30 pm, MS Library 
January 24 FOESL Meeting, 8:10 am, Platt
January 26 End of Semester for US
January 27 No Upper School: Comment Writing
Seniors: One Service Project must be completed and second Service Project must be proposed and submitted
January 30 12th Grade PAL Meeting, 8:00 am, DVR
Sports Leadership Class, 6:30 pm, MS Commons
State of the School (Open to all parents), 7:00 pm, LS Performance Commons 
February 1 State of the School (Hosted by LS & MS PALs), 8:00 am, MS Commons
February 2 Community Conversation - Power, Privilege, and Racial Diversity in Oregon - Speaker: Emily Drew, 6:00 pm, Great Hall 
Midwinter Madness Kickoff 
February 4 Semi-formal Dance, 8:00 pm, Location TBD
February 6 9th Grade PAL, 8:00 am, DVR
February 8 Parent Community Link (PCL), 8:00 am, DVR
Junior College Panel, 7:00 pm, Great Hall 
February 13 State of the School (Hosted by US PAL), 8:00 am, Platt
10th Grade PAL Meeting, 9:00 am, Platt 



Honeywell Instant Alert
It is important to be ready for what nature throws our way. OES contracts with an emergency announcement calling service that will notify families of school delays and closures and other emergencies. In order to receive these announcements, you must register with Honeywell Instant Alert. Learn more.

Attendance REMINDER
Please remember to call or email in advance if your child is going to miss school or be late for any reason. Doing so will help us keep your child safe. Email USAttend or call US Attendance Coordinator, Kim Groh, at (503) 768-3169.

John Holloran Athletic Event Galleries
For more photos by John Holloran (Director of Studies/Upper School History Teacher), please visit his SmugMug account. Often we feature his photos in the VOICE and this is a great way for you to see them all!

OES Food & Allergy Policy
I invite you to read through our policy: OES Food and Allergy Policy.
Please contact OES Nurse, Elaine Elliott, with any questions or concerns (elliotte@oes.edu).


MLK weekend is an especially appropriate time to use your power for good. Many activities welcome families or groups. Special service activities for that weekend posted HERE; the list is live, so keep checking for new ones.

There are always lots of new and ongoing Service Learning opportunities, ON and OFF campus, posted on the SL website; check it out.

REQUIREMENTS--the following need to be done before January 26

  • 12th grade: Seniors should have at least one Project completed, and another proposed. Congratulations to 13 seniors who have completed TWO!!
  • 11th grade: Work on Projects & Reflections, and turn in OVERDUE OFF campus hours (20 more juniors to go...).
  • 10th grade: Turn in the 20 OFF campus hours ASAP.
  • 9th grade: Keep using your power for good, and turning in those forms!
  • ALL: PLEASE check your own record and be sure you know where you stand: SL REPORT SPREADSHEETS


Families seeking financial aid for the 2017-2018 school year must complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) by Friday, February 3.  Need help?

  • School and Student Services (SSS) offers free webinars here
  • OES Financial Aid Information Night – January 17, 7-8 pm, MS Commons. This event is most appropriate for families new to the FA process, but everyone who is interested in the OES Financial Aid process is welcome to attend. 


  • Grades PK – 8:  January 19
  • Grades 9-12:  January 26  


We look forward to offering re-enrollment to current families soon! Look for more information via email on January 23. Re-enrollment deposits (10% tuition) will be due by February 7.


Let’s catch up with the other senior parents one last time this February. Please RSVP to Rico McIver and sign up for the potluck below:


  • Date: Friday, February 10th
  • Time: 6 - 9pm
  • Place: McIver’s (Their address is on the website above.)


Thanks so much to all the parents who joined us to watch Screenagers Monday, December 5. There was a rich conversation that followed the film regarding parenting strategies and digital devices, school usage and education around technology, and helpful resources. Please follow this link if you are interested in seeing some resources that were mentioned in the discussion or that we recommended in our conversations. The Screenagers website, www.screenagersmovie.org, also has excellent lists of resources for parents. If you have any further questions about technology, please reach out to your divisional Educational Technology Specialists: Jeffrey Sprague and Debra Thomas (LS), Jenny Futrell (MS), or Ed Cecere (US). As suggested at the screening, there are possible plans for a viewing of the film for the Upper School students in January.



I say do ya speaka my language?  Planning for Auction 2017: Like Totally Aardy is heating up and we all know that girls just want to have fun.  Boys do too!  So join the fun to help make this auction the OES celebration of the year, for sure!

Wanna coordinate class baskets with somebody?  Show your 80’s creativity while putting together your hot auction theme basket.  Oh what a feeling it is to be your class’s basket coordinator!  Parent Tammy Moe can help you learn all the moves to make that basket a hit.  Just send an email to tammyrmoe@yahoo.com to get the wheels spinning.

Red, red wine goes to to my head…
Collect some choice wine to make this Auction such a tubular success!  Bring your favorite bottle of red, white or something in between, valued at $25 or more.  This means no Mad Dog or Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill – gag me with a spoon!!!  Individual bottles welcome.  If you want to do something really rad, get together with fellow parents to create a case that would be fresh to the max! 

Join us for the “Breakfast Club” – our second annual Wall of Wine Coffee Social!
Right after drop-off on Friday February 3rd, stop by the home of Auction Committee member Julie Kuni at 6045 SW Scholls Ferry Rd.  Bring one, two or as many bottles of wine you can carry and come chill out.  Or just drop off your wine at the Development Office or contact Jaime Sales

Just can’t get enough ways to get involved?   Check out your Jan. 6 email for the 411: 

  • Donate or procure your dream auction gift.
  • Sponsor the auction for prime seating and exclusive advertising opportunities. 
  • Volunteer your time and talent before, during or after the auction.
  • Attend the auction for a totally awesome way to raise $$$ all night long! 


Ron Silver, historian extraordinaire and famed Winterim guide, is leading a summer trip to Boston and Philadelphia.  Please e-mail Kati Stenstrom to sign-up. 

Dates: June 20-28, 2017
Cost: $1300-$1500 per person based on double occupancy. Cost does not include meals or airfare.
Participants: Open to parents with students (entering 9th grade or older) and to students entering 10th grade or above without parents. 12 participants only.
Course instructors: Ron Silver, Colleen Shoemaker

Description: This trip is a chance to explore the events and factors that changed 13 independent colonies into the United States of America. We'll use Boston and Philadelphia as the base to experience how we went from content subjects of a far away King to revolutionaries wanting our own government. In the Boston area we'll spend two days walking the Freedom Trail, reliving the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the start of Paul Revere's ride (with William Dawes as well) and look at Colonial life. We'll wrestle with the conflicts of John and Sam Adams, James Otis and John Hancock, all wanting revolution, and Governor Hutchinson and General Gage, good men, who wanted order and the status quo. We'll spend one day at Lexington Green where "the shot heard round the world" was fired and then on to Concord to the "rude bridge that arched the April flood", as the Regulars first realized the rabble would shoot back, and not back down. After that we'll travel via high speed Acela train to Philadelphia , where both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were authored. We'll go to Carpenter's Hall, where the First Continental Congress met, Independence Hall where our government was created, as well as other buildings that served as the nation's capital before the establishment of Washington, D.C. We'll also spend a day at Valley Forge to fully appreciate the experience and sacrifice of the Revolutionary War soldier.

Travel: In an effort to accommodate family summer travel plans, the trip group will meet in Boston on the evening of June 20. Students traveling without a parent will be welcome to travel one or both directions with trip leader Ron Silver, flying into Boston and out of Philadelphia.


The season of student conferences and course reports is upon us. Conferences for returning Sophomores and Juniors are held February 16 and 17. Families are provided an opportunity to indicate a preference of timing and given advance notice of the conference schedule. We urge all students to attend their conference.

Three or four times a year, teachers write narrative reports that describe performance and progress: November, January, April, and June. New this year, advisors will prepare a report in the spring, commenting on the commitments and growth of each student, framed by the Essential Competencies. These reports will include student reflections and replace third-quarter comments for year-long courses.

In addition, teachers may write Interim Reports whenever a student's work in a class is not satisfactory, deserves special mention, if the student fails a major assessment, or if the student has a cumulative grade of C- or below. Interim Reports are sent to the parents and the student.

For more information about the Conferences or Comment Reports, please visit the Upper School Handbook.


11th Grade PARENTS:  It will take a village of Junior Parents to help with this all night event!  We will be needing at least 60 11th grade parents to sign up to volunteer for shifts throughout night!  Get your DHS Background check done NOW so you can lend a hand!  Contact the US office for details.

The big day: JUNE 16, 2017, 10:30 PM to 5:30 AM

OES tradition includes 11th grade parents planning, organizing, & hosting the graduating seniors’ all-night party that brings the night of graduation to a close. The US Graduation Party will take place at an undisclosed location immediately following the 2017 Commencement and reception on June 16, 2017 and goes through the night!  As parents of seniors in June 2018, our students will be hosted by the Junior Parents, and we will be off the hook for their senior all-night graduation party!

The planning committees are working hard to make this a wonderful event for this year's graduates. If you'd like more information about how to get involved, please contact Michele Ackerman and Kris Smole, Grad Party Chairs


Click on the following link to access the yearbook site US Yearbook 2016-17. Here, you will find helpful information for all students (and parents) to access.

If you have any questions, contact Sue Jensen.

Senior deadlines:
1. SENIOR PAGES: February 1, 2017 (Date extended)
2. BABY PICTURES: March 3, 2017
3. PARENT ADS: March 10, 2017


Parents of juniors are invited to join us for the Junior College Panel on February 8 at 7:00 pm in the Great Hall. The discussion is preceded by dinner at 4:45 pm in DVR. Guest speakers include: 

  • Milyon Trulove, Vice President and Dean of Admission & Financial Aid at Reed College
  • Jim Rawlins,  Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management/Director of Admissions at the University of Oregon
  • Mark Kemball, father of Molly Kemball, OES Class of 2014
Gap Year Fair
February 15 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm at Cleveland High School (3400 SE 26th Ave., Portland, 97202)
Speaker: Jane Sarouhan (6:00 - 6:30 pm)

Please note the following test dates and registration deadlines. Enter the school code when you register (380915) and if you are taking the ACT, it is important to include the optional writing test. There is a late registration deadline for each test date that requires an additional fee. See the testing websites for additional information.

SAT/ACT Dates and (Registration Deadline):

SAT testing

  • January 21 (12/21, late 1/10)
  • March 11 (2/10, late 2/28)
  • May 6 (4/7, late 4/25)
  • June 3 (5/9, late 5/16)

ACT testing

  • February 11 (1/13, late 1/20)
  • April 8 (3/3, late 3/17)
  • June 10 (5/5, late 5/19)


  • 9th Grade PAL – Next meeting: February 6, 8:00 am, DVR. Questions? Contact Clare Rathbone.
    • Upcoming meetings:  4/4, 5/1.
  • 10th Grade PAL – Next meeting: January 17, 8:00 am, DVR. Questions? Contact Rico McIver
    • Upcoming meetings: 2/13, 4/10, 5/8
  • 11th Grade PALNext meeting: January 23, 8:00 am, DVR. Questions? Contact Jennifer Hapke.
    • Upcoming meetings: 2/21, 4/18 (Platt), 5/15.
  • 12th Grade PAL – Next meeting: January 30, 8:00am, DVR. Questions? Contact Holly Hady
    • Upcoming meetings: 2/27, 4/24, 5/22
  • Monthly US PAL notes are now accessible by doing the following:
    • www.oes.edu
    • Click on “Parent Home Page” at the bottom
    • Scroll down and click on “Get Connected”
    • Click on “PCL & PAL Minutes”
  • PAL meeting Calendar (all grades)






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