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October 1, 2015


Homecoming week means Sprit week at OES. The week kicked off with "Mismatch Monday" (From left: Catherine L., Maya C., Zoe C., Lexy T., and Meg H. '17)


It has been a great opening to school. We enjoyed welcoming parents to Back-to-School night and look forward to closing out the week with Homecoming festivities. Go Aardvarks!

With the second half of October comes our annual “Octoberim” program. I plan to share more details in the next version of the Voice but wanted to post the general schedule, by grade level, with you now.

Attendance at Octoberim events is expected. We believe these programs are essential in meeting our Mission as a school and all students must attend. We specifically ask families of 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students not to plan trips or other events that take students away from school during Octoberim. If a student misses Octoberim programming, the student and parents will be responsible to find, have approved, and attend a program that presents comparable content. Senior families are encouraged to do college travel during the week of Octoberim. If seniors are not on college visits, we expect them to be present at school through Octoberim.



Late Start 8:45 all students

Late Start 8:45 except Juniors


Late Start 8:45


AM: Drug & Alcohol Education, Positive Risk Taking

PM: Wellness Fair

All day: Drug & Alcohol Education, Positive Risk Taking

Service Day



PM: Wellness Fair

AM: Identity Retreat

PM: Drug & Alcohol Education

Service Day



PM: Wellness Fair

Relationship Retreat


Departs at 8:00 am

Relationship Retreat



AM: College application workshop (or College Travel)

PM: Wellness Fair

College application workshop

(or College Travel)

Service Day

(or College Travel)

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October 2
Homecoming Pep Rally, 8:00 am, OES Gym
  Homecoming Dance, 8:00 - 10:00 pm, Great Hall
October 6
11th Grade Relationship Retreat Parent Meeting, 6:00pm, MS Commons
  SAT/ACT Info for Parents & Juniors, 7:00pm, MS Commons
(following Relationship Retreat mtg)
October 8
9th Grade PAL, 8:45 am, DVR
October 9
October 12
10th Grade PAL, 8:00 am, DVR
  Drug & Alcohol Parent Info Meeting, 7:00pm, MS Commons
October 13
Drug & Alcohol Freshmen Parent & Student Night (mandatory), 6:30pm,
MS Commons
October 14 PSAT, 8:45 am
October 14-16
  Freshmen Drug & Alcohol Program
October 15-16
Junior Relationship Retreat
October 16
Upper School Service Day
October 19 US Picture re-take day, 7:45 am - 12:30 pm, Great Hall & outdoors
  11th Grade PAL, 8:00 am, DVR



(NEW) Visitors from Nanjing, China
Our guests from the Nanjing Foreign Language School will arrive this Friday! One lead teacher and 14 middle and high school students will be visiting OES from Nanjing, China, between 10/02 and 10/09, as a part of the language exchange program between our two schools. During their visit, Chinese students will stay with their OES host families and shadow their host students for a week. If you would be willing to host a student, there is still one hosting opportunity left. Please contact Sara Fromme or Kelola McCrary for more information. The OES host will earn Service Learning hours for this generous gesture of global goodwill. Thank you to everyone for welcoming our guests with your warmest greetings!

(NEW) Cereal Thursdays
The OES Upper School will again be supporting The Community Transitional School (TCTS) for homeless children in NE Portland with a monthly cereal drive - starting today (Oct. 1)! Please bring a box or two of cereal to the US Office to be delivered to TCTS. And thanks in advance for your support.

(NEW) Family Information in Parent Portal
When you have a new email address, phone number or other important contact information, what's the best way to let the school know about this important change? The OES Parent Portal (parent.oes.edu) was specifically designed to help you communicate those changes to us. That includes emergency contacts you might wish to add or edit. To access this feature simply log in to the portal, go to the Family page and choose the item you wish to edit from the list of links on the left-hand side. Keeping these details up-to-date is the best way to make sure we have correct information to communicate with and assist our families.

(NEW) US Picture Re-take Day
Please mark your calendar for US Picture Re-take Day: Monday, October 19th. For more information, click here.
Click here for pricing details. Questions? Contact Roberta at Holland Studios or call 503-238-5957.

(NEW) Attendance REMINDER
Please remember to call or email in advance if your child is going to miss school or be late for any reason. Doing so will help us keep your child safe. Email USattend or call US Attendance Coordinator, Alison Nugent, at (503) 768-3169.
Recently, an email was sent to all US students about attendance expectations. We would like to repeat a few items:

  • Please check-in with Alison, within the first 15 minutes, if you have your open block FIRST. (Unless you are a Senior).
    • Check-in and out with Alison if you will be off campus for ANY part of the day (doctor appointment, open block, etc). Your teachers will send you back to me if you do not check-in with me FIRST. (This applies to ALL GRADE levels!!)
  • Parents need to call/email Alison if their student will missing all/part of the school day (late, sick, doctors appointment, etc.). If I do not hear from them, you will be marked UNexcused.

The Aussie's are Coming!
Each year we have the opportunity to host 2-3 students from the Golburn Valley Grammar School (GVGS) in Australia; in turn, hosts have the opportunity to travel to visit GVGS during our summer vacation. This past summer, seniors Sarah Wong and Hannah Park visited GVGS.
We have 3 Australian students who will be visiting us this fall (one girl, 16 year old Bridey, and two boys, 16 year old Michael and 15 year old Kelsey), from the weekend of November 7 thorough December 7. The visitors will take part in OES classes and after-school activities, and look forward to participating in American family life. Questions? Please contact Christina Meyerhoff, Director of Winterim and Off-campus Programming. Thank you!

Calling All String Players
Zero Period Orchestra meets Thursday mornings before school from 7:50-8:40 in the chapel basement/guild room. All intermediate and advanced string players grades 5-12 are invited to participate. Start time Thursday Sept. 17. The class is free of charge. For further questions please e-mail the director Angelika Furtwangler.

Traffic & Parking This Year
The Lower School building project will have a significant impact on traffic and parking for the 2015-16 school year. Please be aware of the NEW morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up plans. While we have done our best to design traffic patterns to work as efficiently as possible this year, there is no doubt that campus traffic and parking will be more crowded.
Upper School Students:

  • East side of JV field: Seniors ONLY
  • Vermont Rd: No student parking
  • Employee Lot (south of JV field): No student parking
  • SPARC: All juniors sophomores, and freshmen
  • Upper Lot: Before Sept 21, no student parking
  • Upper Lot: After Sept 21, approved student carpools allowed

Honeywell Instant Alert
As Winter fast approaches it is important to be ready for what nature throws our way. OES contracts with an emergency announcement calling service that will notify families of school delays and closures and other emergency’s. In order to receive these announcements, you must register with Honeywell Instant Alert. Learn more.

OES Food & Allergy Policy
In keeping with our Food and Allergy Policy, we have amended the title of our school program as “Allergy Aware.” While the title has changed, the practice of how we manage allergens in our dining halls and classrooms remains the same. Allergens will still be labeled in our dining halls, and special age-appriopriate care and support will continue for all of our younger students. In collaboration with Bon Appetit, we will continue to ban nuts and nut products from all of our dining halls and classrooms.
I invite you to read through our policy: OES Food and Allergy Policy.
Please contact OES Nurse, Elaine Elliott, with any questions or concerns (elliotte@oes.edu).

Dining Hall News
The OES dining hall has launched a new website, Cafe Bon Appetit. Now you can easily view the Weekly Menu.
Do you want to keep up on what’s happening in the OES dining hall? Are you interested in the Bon Appetit story or how Bon Appetit stumbled into sustainability? Check us out on Facebook at Bon Appetit @ OES.


Save the date! Ski Team Racer and Parent Meeting.
There will be a meeting for downhill racers and their parents on Tuesday, October 20 in the Middle School Library. This meeting will be for alpine/downhill racing only (not freestyle). If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Roberts, Ski Team Parent.

Ski Team last year (Photo credit: Rebecca Roberts, parent)


OES Fund Month is here!
Our amazing 2015-16 chair is Margueritte Kim and this year's co-chair is Georgina Miltenberger. The OES Fund supports exciting and often critical opportunities for students of all ages in the visual and performing arts, libraries, athletics, and science. You will soon be hearing from your amazing OES Fund volunteers:

  • 9th and 10th Grade - Jana Reddoch 
  • 10th Grade - Tricia Sipowicz 
  • 11th Grade - Susan Dussalt 
  • 12th Grade - Diane Lavery and Jana Hasley 

If you have any questions or are interested in donating or volunteering please contact your grade level volunteer or Ami Margolin Rome, Annual Giving Manager at 503-416-9368 or via email at romea@oes.edu.


Save the Date! OES Book Fair Nov. 12-15 at Annie Bloom's Books.

We will have volunteer needs in the next 8 weeks before the Book Fair at Annie Bloom's! Senior student Jenny Dai has designed the Book Fair poster and it is terrific (see above). We need people to help with on-campus publicity, with OES community-building to possibly bring other student groups to perform at the fair, and with reaching out to other vendors in Multnomah Village. Let's continue our success and get real books in to our students' hands! Contact Jana Reddoch 503-459-2576 with questions. 




  • A five-day, 40-hour apprenticeship or career exploration available to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students at OES – to be completed outside of school or during the Winterim week
  • A guided process through which you create your own program
  • An opportunity to pursue special passions, interests, and curiosities
  • A chance to experience the demands and structure of the “working world”


  • To gain experience in how to find your place in the world
  • To consider your own interests and the range of opportunities available outside of school
  • To take responsibility for the demands of looking for and holding a job
  • To enjoy a real-life experience that could change the way you think about your future
  • To do something completely different for a week
  • To add an interesting and worthwhile work experience to your resumé
  • To have an opportunity to play an active role in an organization and to learn the things you are excited to learn


  • Meet with the Discovery Coordinators (Corbet Clark, Dana Mosher Lewis) about specific areas of interest
  • Contact host organizations/mentors to coordinate the plan - first draft proposals due Wednesday, October 28
  • Complete the Discovery Project Proposal -  final draft proposal due Friday, November 13
  • Complete the internship
  • Submit a reflection and the host’s evaluation


Do you have a career/trade that you would be willing to share with students as an option for Discovery? If so, please let us know!

Questions? Please contact Corbet Clark (clarkc@oes.edu) or Dana Mosher Lewis (lewisd@oes.edu)


Admissions Events – Spread the Word!

Do you have a friend, business associate, neighbor, or someone in your family interested in our school? OES parents are our best referral source and we have many great ways for prospective parents to learn more about OES! Event details can be found here.

Open Houses:

            Wednesday, Oct 14, 6pm – Grades PK-5
                     (parents only)
            Sunday, Oct 25, 1pm – Grades 6-12
                     (parents and students)

Prospective Parent Information Receptions – open to the public

            Wednesday, Oct 21, 6pm – Hopworks Urban Brewery, SE Portland
            Monday, Nov 9, 6pm – Multnomah Athletic Club
            Tuesday, Dec 8, 6pm – Oswego Lake Country Club
            Wednesday, Jan 13, 6pm – Lucky Labrador Tap Room, N Portland

Admissions is traveling around the globe in October and November to meet prospective boarding students and their families. If you have contacts in the following areas or would like to help with an event, please contact Admissions.

USA: Seattle, WA; Las Vegas, NV; San Diego, CA

Europe: England and Germany

Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam


Sports Leadership Certification Class

Asking student-athletes to be leaders without preparing them for the responsibility is unfair. Often much is expected of our leaders, but seldom do we intentionally teach them the necessary skills in order for them to do the job effectively. The OES Leadership Certification class is designed to give Aardvark student-athletes with interest in leadership the same instruction, encouragement and practice that we give athletes before competition.

This class is recommended for all students, grades 9-11. We welcome back students who have previously taken the class, as the topics and discussions are always evolving. Students will have the opportunity to “Explore” what it takes to be a leader, “Connect” with their peers, “Commit” to leadership, and “Create” their own leadership style.

Based on the work of Jeff Janssen, M.S., and his publication “The Team Captain’s Leadership Manual,” members of the OES coaching staff and athletic department will each present on a variety of topics, from the power of leadership to the skills needed to become an effective leader. In this 10 week program of approximately 90 minute sessions, students will engage in conversations and exercises around these important concepts.

This class will meet on Monday evenings 6:30-8:00pm on the following dates on the OES campus. Dinner will be provided.

Cost is $30.00 to cover the price of the book.  

For more information or to reserve a spot please contact Missy Smith, Associate Athletic Director.

Dates of the class are as follows:
Oct 28, Nov 2nd, 16th, Dec. 7th, Jan 4th, 20th, Feb 8th, 22nd March 14th, April 11th


OES athletics is proud to announce it has partnered with Tanner Sports Basketball Training and Consulting to bring you an opportunity to train and prepare for the winter basketball season. This amazing opportunity will happen right here on the OES campus. Dino Tanner is currently one of our own OES community members as both a coach and LS parent. He is the owner and CEO of Tanner Sports Basketball and has a reputation of professionalism, dedication and a proven record of developing overall basketball skills within the students he trains. Dino is considered a great basketball mind with a rich history in the game of basketball that started in his hometown of Los Angeles, CA at Inglewood HS (where he played alongside the NBA greats of Baron Davis and Paul Pierce). Dino also had a decorated career at Oregon State University as a point guard, followed by being drafted to the NBA Developmental League. The clinics are scheduled to take place Wednesdays (5:45-7:00 pm) and Fridays (3:20-4:45 pm), beginning Friday, October 2nd running through Friday, November 20, 2015. Sign up is for boys and girls ages 4th-12th grade. Dino will emphasize skill development for everyone from varsity level athletes to LS Recreational players.

For questions please contact Dino Tanner.

Tanner Sports Training  will also be running a single day session during our no school day Oct. 9th from 9-12 in the OES Gym. The cost for this session will be $25.00 and will include pizza brought to you by OES Admissions. To sign up please email Missy Smith, Associate Athletic Director. Sign up is for boys and girls ages 4th-12th graders.




Junior parents, Let’s “DREAM B16” [Dream Big] and put on a “B16” Grad Night Party for our Senior Class of 2016. In addition to working with a great group of parents, you will get a sneak peak into what your “soon to be senior” will enjoy at the very Top Secret Grad Night Party.

We need “B16” dreamers to help with decorations, gifts, food, communications, entertainment, organizing volunteers and more! Please consider sharing your talents, skills, imagination, and time. Interested? Contact 2016 Grad Party Co-Chairs, Nora Semonsen or Belinda Calabia.


Homecoming and Spirit Wear have arrived at the School Store! Come in and find a great selection of Crew Neck and Hooded Sweatshirts, as well as Tee Shirts, Sweatpants, as well as lots of women's cut Tee Shirts. We also have 6 new colors of Sunglasses, Key chains, Power Banks, Spirit scarves, New styles of hats, Water bottles, Nike socks and much more!

ALREADY IN- Spirit wear for Soccer, Volleyball and Cross Country, featuring our Classic Bold OES font, back by popular demand!  New styles of tee shirts for both guys and girls, as well as your favorite sweatshirt styles. Drop by or place an on-line to be sure you get the size and color you want! Online: store.oes.edu

Regular Store Hours: Open 2pm-4pm every weekday, as well as by appointment in the morning. Store is now located in the MORRIS HOUSE.

Questions? Contact Store Manager: Madeleine Menashe 503-768-3170 or menashem@oes.edu


Thursday, October 1 is our first CEREAL THURSDAY of the year. This is a long-time Upper School tradition: helping to provide breakfast cereal for the kids at Community Transitional School for children experiencing homelessness. You'll hear more at Back-to-School Night, but please consider sending in a box of cereal on October 1!

Complete information about Service Learning in the Upper School is on the US Service Learning website. Bookmark it and refer to it frequently!
What can parents do to help? Remind your child to stay alert and aware of what she or he needs to do, and support him or her in finding opportunities -- starting with the SL Opportunities Page.
Questions? Contact Robin Schauffler, Service Learning Coordinator. 

By grade level, students should focus on different tasks this fall:
9th grade
: Work on the 20 exploratory OFF campus hours needed before January 2016, and look for ON campus opportunities. Any service-learning you have done over the summer--since finishing 8th grade--will count! Just fill out and turn in the Service-Learning Hours Reporting Form in Area 51. 

10th grade: Finish those 20 OFF campus hours this semester (!!), look for ON campus opportunities, and be thinking about what to do for Service Learning Projects. 

11th grade: Look for ON campus opportunities, and be thinking about what to do for Service Learning Projects; it is wise to complete at least one Project before June 2016 (and if the 20 OFF campus hours are not complete, see Robin NOW!) 

12th grade: This is it. Do not put off your hours or your Projects. June 2016 is sooner than you think. 

ALL STUDENTS: Get signatures and turn in all those forms for any work you've done that hasn't been reported yet. Need help with all this? SEE ROBIN.


The OES Visual and Performing Arts Department Present:


Opening November 12th

“Of all creatures that can feel and think,

we women are the worst treated things alive.”

After being spurned by her husband Jason and Banished by Creon the King, Medea wrestles with rage and her own conscious as she plots her bloody revenge.

Directed by local acclaimed performer, actor and choreographer Emily Grace-Stone. Her collaboratively-devised projects have been produced by Performance Works Northwest, Conduit, On the Boards, 10 Tiny Dances, defunkt theater and PICA’s TBA Festival. Emily holds a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts with a focus in Experiential Education from Goddard College, her BA in Theater and Dance Performance from Lewis and Clark College, and currently works as Arts Integration Coach for The Right Brain Initiative in Portland, OR.

Auditions will be held after school from 3:30 to 6:30 September 15-16th

Rehearsals are scheduled for Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:30-6:30


Save the dates!

AASK fall tutoring begins at Whitford Middle School on October 13th, with training on October 10th and 17th at OES. Change a child’s life by helping with homework and basic academic skills, make new friends and even fulfill your service learning requirements!

Fall session runs from October 3th - November 24th,  and runs each Tuesday and Thursday after school. A commitment for both days each week is required. Transportation is provided, leaving immediately after school and returning no later than 5:00 p.m.  AASK service learning can be applied for on or off campus hours, and tutors can also use it as a service learning project after two terms of tutoring.


International trips for Winterim 2016 were announced last June. The full catalogue will be announced prior to Thanksgiving break.

In 2016, Winterim will run March 17-24. These dates overlap with spring break for Portland Public Schools and most other schools in the area. We realize that the misalignment of school spring breaks may create a challenge for some families, so we are considering offering a few Winterim courses during OES's spring break, and allowing the students who participate in those courses to take their spring break during the PPS spring break week. If you would like to have this option, please contact the director of Winterim, Christina Meyerhoff, so that we can accurately assess the need.


There are several opportunities for seniors and their parents to contribute to the yearbook. Below is a description of these opportunities and their deadlines. We need to submit our pages to the publisher at certain intervals, so these deadlines are not flexible! Please let us know if you have any questions.

US Yearbook Senior Deadlines:

1. MUG SHOTS:  December 4, 2015

2. SENIOR PAGES: January 14, 2016

3. BABY PICTURES: March 4, 2016

4. PARENT ADS: March 16, 2016

MUG SHOTS: Sometimes students submit a studio photo to be used in place of their school photo for the yearbook. This is not required. Sending a digital photo to me is the easiest way to submit an image, or we will scan the photo and return it to the student. Deadline – December 4, 2015.

Head and shoulders only
Print size – 3”X 3”
Quality - 300 DPI

For more info, contact Sue Jensen, US Arts Faculty & Advisor to Yearbook


(NEW) SAT/ACT Information Night
Tuesday, October 6th at 7:00pm in the MS Commons (immediately following the Relationship Retreat Info Meeting) join us to discuss test options and answer your questions. We know that testing may be on your mind in relation to the redesigned SAT and how to decide which of the three tests to focus on: current SAT, redesigned SAT, and ACT. Following the October 6 meeting, we will send an email to all juniors and their parents summarizing information and advice covered during the meeting. We realize that some of you are feeling stressed about testing given the transition to a new SAT, and we want to reassure you that with additional information and perspective, you will probably feel better.

(NEW) Excellent Sheep Catlin Gabel Event
Our friends at the Catlin Gabel School have graciously invited members of the OES community to join them for a college-related talk. On Monday, October 26 at 7 p.m. in the Cabell Center (Catlin's Theater building) for its third “State of College Admission” talk featuring William Deresiewicz, author of Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life. High school students and parents are encouraged to attend the event! 

College Visits at OES
College visits begin on Wednesday, September 16th at OES. Many colleges will visit OES this fall to meet with interested students. We encourage juniors and seniors to keep a close eye on the college visit schedule in Naviance (juniors will learn how to access and use Naviance during the retreat the first week of school). The schedule will be posted on bulletin boards in the Library and Great Hall and on the OES website (college counseling page). We will do our best to send juniors and seniors an email each week with the schedule for the upcoming two weeks.
However, Naviance is the source of the most up-to-date schedule and will change throughout the fall as visits are added. Students are encouraged to sign up for visits on Naviance, which results in an automatic email reminder close to the date of the visit.

Sophomore and junior families, please note that the PSAT will be given the morning of Wednesday, October 14. Students do not need to register and will take the test at OES. We will send details in a later email, and early in the school year students will receive practice materials at school.

Octoberim and Seniors
Seniors have the opportunity to visit colleges during Octoberim (October 14-16). Those involved in sports should keep in mind that there may be athletic events scheduled during this time that limit your travel. On Wednesday and Thursday the college counselors will be available to assist students who stay on campus with college applications and essays.

Seniors, please note the following test dates and registration deadlines. Enter the school code when you register (380915) and if you are taking the ACT, it is important to include the optional writing test. There is a late registration deadline for each test date that requires an additional fee. See the testing websites for additional information.

SAT/ACT Dates and (Registration Deadline):
SAT Testing

  • October 3 (9/3, late 9/22)
  • November 7 (10/9, late 10/27)
  • December 5 (11/5, late 11/23)

ACT testing

  • September 12 (8/7, late 8/21)
  • October 24 (9/18, late 10/2)
  • December 12 (11/6, late 11/20)


The first of four Books and Breakfast meetings is scheduled for November 10th, where we plan to discuss New York Times Op-Ed Columnist David Brook's The Road to Character.  

January 12th we will tackle Claudia Rankine's Citizen: An American Lyric, a finalist for the 2014 National Book award, the winner of the 2014 National Book Critics Award for poetry and a finalist for that same award for criticism. 

In February we will discuss Ta-Nehisi Coates' powerful letter to his son, Between the World and Me.

And our final Books and Breakfast of the Year will be on April 12th, with a book as yet to be determined. 

We will conclude the year with a meeting dedicated to the state of the school and new strategic plan with respect to issues of diversity on the morning of Wednesday, May 25th.

We look forward to seeing you during the year,
Lucy Shanno and Kim Bissell


  • 9th Grade PAL – First meeting is on October 8th, 8:45am, Drinkward Volunteer Room. Questions? Contact Rico McIver.
    • Upcoming meetings: 11/6, 1/8, 2/8*, 4/8, 5/6. February meeting will be combined with 10th grade.
  • 10th Grade PAL – First meeting is on October 12th, 8:00am, Drinkward Volunteer Room. Questions? Contact Jana Reddoch.
    • Upcoming meetings: 11/9, 1/11, 2/8*, 4/11, 5/9. February meeting will be combined with 9th grade.
  • 11th Grade PAL – Next meeting: October 19, 8:00am, Drinkward Volunteer Room. Questions? Contact Holly Hady.
    • Upcoming meetings: 11/16, 1/19, 2/22, 4/18, 5/16.
    • Grad Party committee meeting to follow PAL meeting in October.

  • 12th Grade PAL – Next meeting: October 26, 8:00am, Drinkward Volunteer Room. Questions? Contact Kay Pinkava.
    • Upcoming meetings: 11/30, 1/25, 2/29, 4/25, 5/23.

  • PAL meeting Calendar (all grades)

Important Information

Donate Now

  • You may make a secure gift to the Annual Fund online.

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