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  January 20, 2012     Vol. 6, No. 17  

Snow Is Here and Gone in Blink of an Eye

Two snowfalls made for an exciting return to school after the The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. The overnight dusting that students awoke to Tuesday and Wednesday resulted in a late start on Wednesday and a drive through a few inches of water where the wetlands overflowed. Some students were hoping for a snow day, but the warm rains predicted for late Wednesday morning assured that roads would quickly clear. Eighth-grade art students used the fallen snow to make a heart, shown at right. Groundskeeper Mark Henningsen cleared the sidewalks so students could walk safely. Water may roll off a duck's back, but not snow, as demonstrated by the layer atop the duck at below right, a ceramic sculpture on the wall of the Middle School.

  Well-Engineered Bridges
Support 5-Kilogram Weights

Students in Steve Decker's Engineering Design class recently built bridges and tested the strength by suspending a weight from the spans. Each bridge was built from a single file folder using white glue and rubber cement. Some of the kids used parts of two file folders so their bridges would be two-toned. The bridges had to span about 30 cm, and six of the nine bridges held a 5-kilogram weight without collapsing. Woven into the building of the bridges are statics lessons and strength-of-material measurements that let the students predict whether or not their design would bear the designated load.


Student to Perform on Harp
for Works by John Cage

Mina G. '13 has been invited to play harp with OES harp teacher Jennifer Ironside at a special concert called "One Hundred Years of John Cage" on February 17 with FearNoMusic! Other guest artists at the concert will be Carlos Kalmar, music director of the Oregon Symphony; Robert Ainsley, Portland Opera Chorus master; and Kevin Walsh, former cantor at Trinity Cathedral. See more info or purchase tickets.