Guest Artist and Fourth Graders Weave a Special Visit Together

"What's the biggest weaving you've ever done?"

"Have you heard of the Bayou Tapestries?"

"How long does a weaving take?'

These queries and more were on the minds of our fourth graders last week as they gathered around and spoke with guest artist Kara Sisk about her artwork. Kara deftly answered these questions while simultaneously showing the students the techniques and tools involved in starting a new weaving project.

Then it was the students' turn to literally take the art into their own hands! Under Kara's guidance, each young artist took a piece of yarn and used a method of wrapping that yarn around their fingers to provide a good base. They also worked at looms in groups to experience other steps of the process involved in transforming yarn into beautiful artwork.

As for the answers to some of the questions above? The largest weaving she's ever completed ended up totaling six feet by five feet—and took about 360 hours (15 days) total!

Many thanks to Kara for taking the time to work with the Class of 2026 on such an in-depth basis, and also to Visual Arts educator Margaret Synan-Russell for bringing Kara to campus!


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