First Graders Make Friends with the OES Forest and Wetlands

"I wonder how deep roots go?"

"Are snapping turtles real?"

These were some of the questions first graders posed as they explored the woods, fields, and wetlands of OES in search of critters during their Habitat Hunt this week. More than 50 first graders participated in this 20-year tradition that used to be known as the Insect Safari. The event changed to include all critters about four years ago. As the students turned over rocks, examined the water, and looked up at trees, they pondered several questions, including, "Who shared this land with us? What evidence can we find through our senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch?"

Ms. Kucera highlighted how students benefit from this experience: "Place is an essential piece of our program at OES, and this inquiry experience supports our wonder. The Habitat Hunt is a stimulus of inquiry about our natural environment and their place in it."

Ms. Kucera's class shared a gallery of photos from this memorable day.


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