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April 9

Students in the Upper School Judaism class led traditional scripture study
with 6th-graders who are studying world religions.


It is clear as I walk through the halls that spring has sprung!  I can literally feel the energy being emitted from your children; seriously, I can feel it.  There are two sources of this energy: 1. It is April and the Sun is out.  2. It is April and life is incredibly busy—tests, projects, MUN, science fair, lacrosse, track, tennis, fencing, soccer, and often many of these things all combined.  It can often seem impossible to find the time to just breathe and maintain balance.  I know this may seem contradictory to last week’s message—keep encouraging you child’s efforts.  And there is the difficulty.  How do we find balance while meeting and maintaining high expectations?  So, take an hour over the weekend to just…


Parent Happenings

Thursday, 04/17/14 MS Spring Social
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, MS Commons
Friday, 04/18/14 NO SCHOOL: Good Friday
Thursday, 04/24/14 Video Games, Learning, & Our Kids
8:45-9:45 AM, MS Library
Sunday - Friday,
04/27/14 - 05/02/14
6th Grade to Outdoor School
Tuesday, 05/06/14 CDL meeting (topic TBD)
Wednesday, 05/07/14 MS PAL Meeting
8:15 AM to 9:30 AM, MS Commons
Tuesday, 05/13/14 MS Fine Arts Night
6:30 PM
Wednesday, 05/14/14 Mt. Hood Climb Service Day
Thursday, 05/22/14 6th Grade Science Open House
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, MS Commons

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** Video Games, Learning, & Our Kids  *NEW*
** Parent Drivers Required for Mt. Hood Climb Service Day *NEW*
** Oregon Writing Festival Information *NEW*
** Snack Shack Closures *UPDATED*

Welcome New Office Assistant *NEW*

Please welcome Lisa Casalino as our new Office Assistant.  Brenda Bloom will be leaving us for a new opportunity on May 14th, and Lisa is transitioning into this position.

Video games, Learning, & Our kids *NEW*

Thursday, April 24th, 8:45-9:45
MS Library

Parents are invited to come learn about video games, learning, and kids. Our focus will be on the current research on games and play, specifically in the context of education, specific examples from our middle school curriculum in Minecraft and SimCity, and a discussion to reframe how we think and talk about “gaming.”

Whether you are a non-gamer, casual Bejeweled player, Wii Bowling superstar, or World of Warcraft expert, I hope I can offer you a perspective on kids, video games, play, learning, and balance. I’m looking forward to seeing you there! Questions: Julie Robison

Parent Drivers Required for Mt. Hood Climb Service Day on Wednesday, May 14th *NEW*

The 2014 Mount Hood Climb Service Day will take place on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014. The entire school takes part in service learning on this day.

One of the ways for parents to be involved is as drivers for kids going to off-campus service projects.

We really require a lot of parents to help drive the Middle School children that day because we don’t have access to the OES vehicles since they are being used by the Upper School.

If you would like to drive, please click on the link to sign up - Sign up to Drive for Mt Hood Climb Service Day

If you have questions, please contact All Volunteer Coordinator, or call 503-703-1651.

2014 Auction- Barre3 Workout Easel Party

There is still time to sign up for the 2014 Auction- Barre3 Workout Easel Party

Date:           Saturday, April 12, 2014
Time:           3:00PM
Price:          $50 per person

Ladies, treat yourselves to an invigorating workout with a master Barre3 instructor, and find out hay people love this non-impact workout inspired by yoga, pilates and ballet.  Includes post-workout wine and appetizers at a local Pearl District eatery.

To participate, email the .

OES Science & Engineering Symposium

The 29th OES Science & Engineering Symposium is on Friday, April 25th 2014. Our students will present their research with Power Point presentations in the Drinkward Center. The presentations will start at 8:00am and will continue till 12:30pm.  There will be three sessions: physics & engineering, medicine & microbiology,  and chemistry & environmental sciences. The students present in 15 minute time slots with a 5 minute question and answer period.   

We are looking for interested parents/relatives/friends with a science degree or work experience in any of the science, medical, or engineering fields to ask questions and give feedback to student presenters.  

We are also inviting parents to come and listen to student presentations.
This will be a great opportunity especially for parents not familiar with the Upper School research program to get to know the breadth and type of student research taking place in the science program. 

Please let know if you can attend the Symposium and provide students with feedback.

Oregon Writing Festival Information *NEW*

Who: Interested 4th-12th graders...a few of us, along with hundreds of other students from across the state.

What/Why: The Oregon Writing Festival is designed to recognize and encourage student writers in Oregon. Students have the opportunity to hear from well known authors and to participate in writing workshops. In addition, each student brings 12 copies of an original piece of writing to share with a group of students on the day of the Festival.

Where: The 30th annual festival is held on the campus of Portland State University.

: Saturday, May 3rd from 8:45 am to 2:15 pm.

How: OES is sponsoring a group of 4th-12th graders who are interested in attending. Steps to applying:
1. Check with your family to see if you are available that day (Saturday, May 3rd.)
2. Have your parents fill out a permission slip (available in the library, or by emailing Ms. Russell).
3. Pick a favorite writing piece to polish. Give a copy of this to  Annie Russell by 4/18 (there’s a bit of flexibility on this deadline).
4. If you are attending, you agree to edit and publish your writing piece in time for the festival. Submissions may be no more that 5 pages (on 8.5x11 paper, front and back if necessary.)
5.Make sure you are willing to read your selection (4 minute limit) to a small group of students on the day of the festival. We will practice this before the Festival.

Contact: Questions? Please email MS Library Assistant .

Community Diversity Link

May 6th, 2014 
CDL meeting (topic TBD)

Great OES Book Swap (GOBS)!

Look for the crew collecting books under the LS covered walkway next Wednesday, March 19th at 7:30 am for the 2014 Great OES Book Swap (GOBS).  We will be collecting adult and childrens books every Wednesday morning until April 30th.  Drop off your gently used books, in bags or boxes labeled with your students name and earn points to buy books at the Swap on May 7th and 8th.  If you can't make a Wednesday morning, you can drop books off to your divisional library.

Love hanging out at the Swap?  We'd love your help!  Please sign up to collect books or work during the swap using volunteer spot or contact .

play minecraft too!

All middle school girls are invited to come hangout after school on Wednesdays in the library to play minecraft. Whether they are complete beginners or advanced modders, want to work on existing worlds or create new ones, we’ll be having fun creating and exploring.

Volunteer leadership positions 2014-15

Signups are here for Interest in Volunteer Leadership Positions for 2014-2015

It is time to start thinking ahead to our next school year. The Parent Community Link is looking for people to help lead our many volunteer efforts. Please take a moment to investigate the different volunteer leadership positions open for Lower, Middle and Upper school for 2014-2015.

Please Express your interest in being considered for a specific position by clicking following link – Interest in Volunteer Leadership Positions for 2014-15

By clicking "Sign-up" you are expressing interest and will be contacted by a representative from PCL. All interested individuals will be contacted by members of Parent Community Link between March and April to determine if a placement might work and to discuss options. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please also feel free to contact (All School Volunteer Coordinator) or (Parent Community Link Chair) with any questions.

robotics at oes

Robotics, and associated programs here at OES are thriving in the Lower School as well as the Upper School. There are several students in the Middle School who continue to work with Jane Kenney-Norberg in the Lego Robotics program throughout their Middle School years, as well as compete quite successfully in programs such as First Lego League with neighborhood teams not associated with OES. The science program is committed to initiating a robotics program for OES Middle School students that would potentially compete in programs such as Intel's First Lego League. If you are familiar with, or interested in discussing working with the science program to shape a robotics program in the Middle School, please contact .
Here is a link to Intel's First Lego League web site that has more information. The press release has information on OES Middle School student Anisha Kumar whose team won the state competition this year.

Service LearninG 

Remember to join the MS Service Learning blog for updates on service in the MS! Connect with others through service.  Share your service project with other parents or students.  Follow the new MS service learning blog!   The blog also explains the many facets of the MS Service Learning program.

Follow now!  Click on add your email, and read the first blog – about Vaughan's work in Tanzania!

If you'd like to add something to the blog, contact .

Emergency and Closure Notification

OES Contracts with an emergency announcement calling service that will notify families of emergency situations, school delays and closures.

We strongly urge you to register with Honeywell Instant Alert in order to receive these messages.

To subscribe to Honeywell Instant Alert announcements from OES use the following: Enrollment instructions

  • Instant Alert Sign-in Page
  • Help:  

MS Library is seeking volunteers

The MS Library is seeking volunteers to help with ongoing shelving needs as well as other projects such as removing outdated materials from shelves.  The schedule is flexible for both projects.  Sign up is easy - to volunteer as a MS Library Helper to assist with ongoing shelving needs go to  To volunteer as a MS Library Project Helper to assist with various projects, sign up at  If you have quesions, you can contact our MS Librarian, , MS Library Assistant or at 503-702-8633.

MS Friendly Reminders

MS Doors Open at 7:30am.  If you child arrives before that, please be aware that the Great Hall is open to students to wait. 

Attendance: Please email or call the MS office at 503.768.3127 if your child will be late or absent from school.

Afternoon Change of Plans: Please call or email with any changes to your child's afternoon pick up plans. We ask that you kindly inform us of these changes by 2 pm. We will leave a note on your child's locker. All school bus related questions should go to .

After 3:05 pm, the best way to locate your child (if they are working with a teacher or in EC) is to call or email , Director of the After School Program, 503-416-9299.

Important Snack RemindeR

Please remember: We are a nut free campus!! These foods should not even be brought to campus.  Please be cognizant of this as you pack snacks for your kids for their after school activities.  Thank you.

Snack Shack Closures *UPDATED*

We will not have snack shack on the following days
April 11th
April 14th
April 16th
May 14th
May 23rd

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