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  • This Friday, September 19 - No Uniform Day - Wear comfy clothes for the Walk 4 Fun!
  • Tomorrow is Late Start Thursday!

A note from david lowell (new)

This past spring the Board of Trustees at OES approved the addition of our Community Statement to our statements of Mission, Vision and Identity. At the core of the Community Statement is OES’ commitment to becoming an inclusive community. Last week some graffiti was written on the playground that was neither kind nor inclusive. In consultation with the Lower School Intercultural Competency group I developed a plan to make a learning opportunity out of the incident. This effort culminated with a Chapel centered on how we can bring our best selves forward to create a supportive community at OES. Jenny Cleveland is working with the words students spoke to transform words into actions.

Last Friday we ended the week with the annual Back to School Picnic. My thanks to Janine Segal and Frances Phillips and their crew of volunteers for their work organizing the event. The picnic is a great community kick-off to the year.

This week Lower School hosts two Back to School Nights (BTSN).

  • Wednesday is for the parents of students in Primary, 1st , 3rd, and 5th grades.
  • Thursday night is for the parents of students in PK, K, 2nd and 4th grades.

We have scheduled the sessions for 6:00-7:30pm in hopes that the slightly earlier time works better for families. At BTSN you will learn directly from your child’s teacher about the grade level curriculum. After the teacher’s presentation, Room Parents will be available to answer questions about volunteering in the classroom. Please contact if you are interested in having you child stay for EC during either BTSN. You will need to make your own arrangements for your child’s dinner if you plan to have your child attend the BTSN EC sessions from 6:00 – 7:30. Siblings 3+ years old and completely potty trained are welcome to attend EC.

This Friday we end the week with a celebration of fitness and wellness with our Walk 4 Fun and Fitness. Friday looks to be a great day fro a trot around the track. You are welcome to come join your child for a lap or two.

LS Helpful Hints

  • Drop-off is quite manageable until 7:50. If you arrive after 7:50 you get caught in MS and US traffic and your child is late for the start of LS.
  • Remember to put names in sweatshirts and fleeces. Sweatshirts are often left behind as students transition from cool mornings to warmer afternoons.
  • Spirit week is coming September 22-26. It is a uniform optional week. Each day students may choose to wear their uniform, OES spirit wear or dress in the All School theme of the day (see information below under Homecoming). This is not intended to be a week of Halloween costuming. Think a simple accessory to dress the theme.


It's time once again for this fantastic Fall event that gets
the whole LS student body moving!

What: A day of fun & fitness for the entire Lower School!

Why: Because we love to exercise and play as a community!

When: Friday, September 19, 8:10am – 2:35pm

Where: OES Gym & Track

Wear: No Uniform Day! Wear comfy clothes!

The kick-off pep assembly begins in the LS Gym at 8:10am. Students will then head out to the LS Track around 8:30 to start their laps for the day. Parents are welcome to attend the assembly AND are highly encouraged to join their children on the track or sign up as a volunteer.

We are in need of volunteers who have completed their background check.
Click here to submit your background check.

The day is divided into several shifts, requiring between 2-8 parents per shift. Volunteers only need to be dressed for the weather-- the PE department will provide the rest!

If you would like to volunteer for Walk For Fun, please sign up here:
Walk for Fun & Fitness Volunteer

Come on out to encourage our wonderful kiddos and/or participate in the fun!
If you have any questions about this event, please contact .

Library News

Lucky us! We will be welcoming at least three authors and illustrators this fall to our Lower School Library. Thanks to Powell's for sending Tom Watson and Stick-Dog to visit with our 2nd and 3rd graders on Friday, September 19. With support from FOESL (Friends of the OES School Libraries), the author of "Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library", Chris Grabenstein, will meet with our 3-5 grade students. Each 4th and 5th grader has received his or her own copy of the book and are reading it in preparation for his visit. There is also a very unique event coming in November via Powell's. Details are being ironed out, but let's just say that animal lovers and fans of the "Unlikely Friendship" books will be in for a real treat.

Join us for upcoming FOESL Meetings - Wednesdays in the DVR!

  • October 15, 2014
  • November 19, 2014
  • December 17, 2014

Join us at the PAL Meeting september 24 (new)

Open Classroom? Check.
First Day of School? Check.
First Week of School? Check.
Back-to-School Picnic? Check.
Walk-for-fun? Check.
Back-to-School Night? Check.

Now that our students are settling into the classrooms, it's time for parents and families to get further settled in and look around. Please join us for the 1st Parent Association Link (PAL) meeting of the 2014-2015 school year and find out what more OES has to offer!

The title of the meeting is: "But Wait, There's MORE!"
By September 24, we will have made it through the start of school and have had a chance to start up the new routine. Families will have had a chance to meet and socialize with other families, and will have spent focused time in the classroom learning about their student's classroom teacher and the upcoming curriculum.

Date: Wednesday, September 24, 8:00-9:30am
Location: Lower School Common Hall
Who: Everyone is welcome! Only requirement is to arrive open-minded.

8:00-9:00: A welcome from Mo Copeland - Head of School, Chris Schuck - Associate Head of School, and David Lowell - Head of Lower School. Presentations by OES Libraries; OES PE Department; Bon Appetit and more!

9:00-9:30: A gathering of OES Event Coordinators. Stay to mingle, learn more, and sign up for school-wide volunteer opportunities.

Homecoming 2014 - RSVP!

Spirit Week
Every year for Homecoming Week (Sept 22-26) all students have the option to dress in a different theme. The children have the choice of dressing in the theme below, wearing spirit wear, or wearing their uniform. Keep in mind they must still wear shoes that are appropriate for PE.

  • Monday - Hipster
  • Tuesday - Tropical
  • Wednesday - Clash
  • Thursday - TeleV15ion (dress as your favorite character - tv, movie, etc.)
  • Friday - Spirit (anything that shows school spirit)

Pep Rally
Join us for the all-school pep rally in the gym on Friday, Sept 26 from 8-8:30am. Varsity teams will be introduced and the pep squad will perform! Parents are invited.

Homecoming Games
All OES families are invited!
Friday, September 26 at the OES Turf Field
Varsity Boys’ Soccer vs. Catlin Gabel, 4:15pm
Varsity Girls’ Soccer vs. Catlin Gabel, 6:15pm

If you have not let us know you will be there, please RSVP by September 19 for free dinner and entry into a raffle for this awesome basket of Boxtrolls swag, movie tickets and more!

There are still many ways to be involved. Click here to volunteer or contact with any questions. Go Aardvarks!

A Note from Chaplain Jenny (new)

Dear Families,

I want to extend a warm welcome to you and to let you know that you are invited to come to Chapel at any time. The door is open, so come in, pick up a songbook, find a comfortable spot in one of the back pews, and join in. Primary-5th graders come to Chapel on Mondays, 11:50am - 12:20pm and 2nd-5th graders come to Chapel on Fridays at 8:10am, except on assembly Fridays.

* Acolytes and Sacristans: During the year, every student in Primary - 4th grade has the opportunity to be an acolyte in Chapel. As an acolyte, children carry in the cross and torches and sit up front. At OES, the Lower School follows the Episcopal tradition of having acolytes wear special vestments (robes) to identify them in their role as Chapel leaders. While each student has the opportunity to serve as an acolyte during the school year, it is a voluntary experience; no one is required to do so. If you have questions about acolytes, so please do not hesitate to contact me. Right now, fourth grade classes are serving as acolytes. Parents and grandparents often come to Chapel and take photos of their child as an acolyte, which is a great occasion!

Fifth graders have a unique opportunity to work with me, before and after Chapel, on readying the acolytes, lighting candles, ringing the bell, and leading the prayers. I have come to count on their invaluable leadership. Right now, Ms. Busick's fifth graders are rotating as sacristans; mid-year, Ms. Akehurst's class will assume this responsibility, and Ms. Williams' class will close out the year.

*Birthday blessings are a monthly occasion. If your child's birthday is in July, please reassure them that July birthdays will be honored in June, along with June birthdays. August birthdays were recognized on Monday.

*One of the highlights for everyone is when cherished pets come to Chapel for a blessing. Pets are welcome at most Chapels throughout the year; just call or email me to confirm the date. All pets are welcome, but please keep in mind that we are a large group of not-so-silent people. We do not want to frighten any animals, so when bringing a pet to Chapel, please consider what will help your pet feel safe and secure. Dogs, chickens, cats, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes, hamsters, gerbils, fish, bunnies, and pigs have all received special Lower School blessings during Chapel. Everyone will look forward to meeting animal members of your family!

LS Chaplain

Admissions Events – Spread the Word! (new)

Do you have a friend, business associate, neighbor, or someone in your family interested in our school? OES parents are our best referral source and we have many great ways for prospective parents to learn more about OES!

Open Houses:

  • Wednesday, October 15, 6:00pm – Grades PK-5 (parents only)
  • Sunday, October 26, 1:00pm – Grades 6-12 (parents and students)

Prospective Parent Information Receptions – open to the public

  • Wednesday, October 22, 6:00pm – Hopworks Urban Brewery, SE Portland
  • Monday, November 17, 6:00pm – Multnomah Athletic Club
  • Tuesday, December 9, 6:00pm – Oswego Lake Country Club

Admissions is traveling outside of Portland in October and November, to view more detail, visit our Travel Calendar. If you have contacts in the following areas or would like to help with an event, please contact Admissions.

Seattle, Washington
Europe - London, England, Germany
Asia - Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

After School Classes - Ready to Register! (new)

Have you checked out the great array of classes this fall? From sewing your own gadget cases to Writing the Diary of an OES Kid, there are many amazing choices! Some classes are still under enrolled and may be cancelled this Friday if they do not receive enough registration. Most every class still has room, so please go online and register away! We will bill your student account.

These classes need additional enrollment:
A Taste of Fall (Grades 2-5) 3:00-4:00 9/24-10/29
Action Illustrated (Grades 3-6) 3:00-4:00 9/22-12/15
Digital Gadget Cases (Grades 3-6) 3:00-4:00 9/25-11/6
Storybook Cooking (Grades Pri-2) 3:00-4:00 9/25-11/20
Archery A (Grades 2-6) 3:00-5:00 9/23-10/21
Diary of an OES Kid (Grades 3-4) 3:00-4:00 9/25-11/20
Kidz Love Soccer (Grades PreK-K) 3:05-3:35 9/22-11/3
Mandarin: Beginning (Grades K-2) 3:00-3:50 9/23-1/20
Movie Making-Class A (Grades 3-6) 3:00-4:00 9/23-11/4
Knitting/Felting (Grades K-5) 3:00-4:00 9/24-10/29
Super Hero Class 3:00-4:00 9/24-11/19
Modern Martial Arts 2 (Grades K-3)4:00-5:00 9/25-11/20
Write, Act, Film (Grades Pri-2) 3:00-4:00 9/25-11/13

New class just added...ELEMENTS of STAGE!
Come join us to fine tune your acting skills! Each week we will work on a different skill from improv, projecting, comedic timing, blocking, auditioning, scene work, to stage combat, etc…You will have a blast! This is perfect for experienced actors or those brand new to the stage.
Instructors: Peter Buonincontro and Natasha Busick
3rd-7th Grade
September 26-December 12 (10 classes, 12.5 hours)
Fridays, 3:00-4:15
Location: US Drama room
Min/Max 5/16

Questions? Please call the ASC Office: 503.768.3145

We know you have a Blog in You! (new)

Do you or your child have a brief story to share from service over the summer? We would love to hear about it. Just one or two paragraphs will do! Send any stories or ideas for stories (we can always send a blogger to interview you) to or . And, to make sure you are witness to all the stories this year, follow our Service Learning Blog.
See you around the blog!

Box Tops for Education Collection (new)

We are collecting Box Tops for Education to earn money for OES!
This is a really easy way to earn money for the school. All you need to do is donate your Box Tops for Education coupons found on products such as soup, cereal, pasta, Ziplock products and other General Mills products. There is a colorful collection box outside the LS Office on the bookcase. Please donate by Oct. 30th to make the fall submission. If you have questions please contact .

Books and Breakfast 2014-15

“The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding” unknown

The Community Diversity Link (CDL) hopes to fosters multicultural awareness and understanding through reading and open discussion. Books and Breakfast meetings are hosted by the Community Diversity Link and open to the entire OES community. It is not mandatory to read the books in order to participate in our discussions.

On Tuesday, October 28, 8:00am in the Platt Global Classroom, we'll discuss Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. One of the top 10 New York Times Book Review books for 2013 and just shortlisted for the 2014 Bailey's Prize for Women's Fiction. Described as "a richly told story set in today’s globalized world: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s most powerful and astonishing novel yet." We look forward to engaging with this gripping tale.

We look forward to seeing you!

Music News

Please welcome Jeff Hornick who will teach LS band, MS jazz and US jazz. Jeff comes to OES from McMinnville High School. He has taught at all levels, both concert and jazz bands. He is the president of the Oregon Band Director’s Association and is a recent recipient of the National Band Association Citation of Excellence for the state of Oregon. He is a wonderful addition to our music faculty and is excited to make music with our students at OES.
For questions about the programs he will teach, please contact

OES Boys Choir for 2nd-5th Graders
Click here for a flyer with all of the details!

Invite to 5th Graders for String Orchestra
Zero period string orchestra starts tomorrow morning! Do you love music and are you a string player? Would you like to play in a string ensemble? The Middle School at OES has a string orchestra and is inviting 5th graders to join. We are rehearsing Thursday mornings from 7:50-8:40am. If you are interested, please contact the instructor, . The first classis tomorrow morning - Thursday, September 11 in the guild room (chapel basement). There is NO charge for this class.


Dennis and Lands' End Uniforms have arrived at the School Store! Come in to find a great selection of short and long sleeved polos, crew neck and hooded sweatshirts, as well as polo dresses, full zip sweatshirts and Monkey Bar Buddies! We also have a huge selection of Youth and Adult sweatshirts, waterbottles, cinch bags, sunglasses, hats and much more. Shop at the OES School Store and show off your Aardvark Pride!

Also, the NEW Homecoming and Fall Sport merchandise is here - be sure to support our teams this fall!

Store hours: 2:00-4:00pm every weekday, as well as by appointment in the morning.

Questions? Contact Store Manager:   503.768.3170.

Important Back-to-School Information

We have combined important back-to-school information into one pdf for easy reading. Click here to find the following:

  • PAL Welcome Letter from Mary Lou Green, PAL Chair
  • Bios of New Faculty
  • Open Classroom Invitation
  • Map of LS Classrooms
  • LS "Go To" List
  • Back to School Picnic Flyer
  • Nut Free and Lice Letters from Elaine Elliott, School Nurse
  • Uniform Policy and Used Uniform Information
  • New Family Guide (a great resource for returning families too!)

Register with Honeywell Instant Alert for Emergency Notifications

Occasionally, snow or other weather conditions require closure or delayed opening of school. Decisions whether to close school are based on road conditions throughout the metropolitan area. The administration recognizes that conditions vary from place to place, so we encourage families to make travel decisions based on conditions in their neighborhood.

Closure Notification: OES contracts with an emergency announcement calling service that will notify families of school delays and closures. In order to receive these announcements, you must register with Honeywell Instant Alert.

We strongly urge you to register with Honeywell Instant Alert in order to receive these messages.

Enrollment Instructions
Instant Alert Sign-in Page

Background Checks

Friendly reminder: NEW Parent Volunteers must have a background check first before they can volunteer in your class. It is easy and convenient and it is all done on line. You may forward the links below to your new parents.

Here are the links for Background Check information:
Background Check link
Background Check FAQ’s

All aboard the good ship
S.S. Aardvark!

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