Culture Shock Immerses Upper School in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Posted 04/28/2017 02:49PM

Come explore the beauty of Africa's myriad cultures, landscapes, and people, and be ready to have your mind blown! Learn how to appreciate the wonders of Africa beyond the typical news reports of war, Ebola, and famine.

This description of a workshop entitled "Mama Africa" was just one of the many rich and diverse offerings available to students, employees, and guests of the Upper School community last Friday. Culture Shock, the Upper School's annual diversity, equity, and inclusion conference, provided all in attendance with the opportunity to discuss complex questions about everything from social movements to the economics of gender difference and the meaning of leadership. Over 100 guests joined us for the day, including 80+ students from other Portland-area high schools!

The day was bookended by engaging guest speakers; in the morning multidisciplinary artist Intisar Abioto presented, giving gifts of dance and art—and encouraging all audience members to "bring your full selves" in life. The final words of the day were delivered by Lori Eberly, who spoke about the importance of getting out of our comfort zones in order to stay engaged.

A great deal of Culture Shock was organized, executed, and made to flow smoothly by OES students dedicated to the spirit of the conference. Thanks to them and to all employees who made this event a successful reality!