Fourth Graders Tell Stories of Water at International Fair
Posted 04/07/2017 04:12PM

Before Spring Break, months of work by our fourth graders culminated in the annual International Fair!

Beginning with a performance in the Lower School Commons (pictured above are students rehearsing) and then moving to the gym, Mr. Arensberg's, Mrs. Sathyaraj's, and Ms. Taylor's classes all shared their projects with parents and the Lower School community.

Each student's topic connected back to the larger theme of water issues. From plastic in the ocean to erosion control and climate change, a wide swath of well-researched information was presented. As Jonathan W. '25 shared, his project was "[A]bout how, 3.8 billion years ago, Mars could have had an ocean that covered one third of it. Mars used to have a big atmosphere and then evaporation happened. They got a big polar ice cap—and if you wonder why there's a polar ice cap on the north of Mars, it would be because the ocean was on the north of the planet."

Well done, Class of 2025!