The OES Arts & Music program seeks to expose students to the aesthetic and creative joy of making art and music and instill in our students a life-long appreciation of artistic expression. We are dedicated to guiding students to reach their highest possible level of excellence. Students learn the equal importance and relationship between individual self-discipline and an accomplishment of ensemble esprit-de-corps.

  • Private music lessons are available on campus in:
  • piano
  • organ
  • harpsichord
  • harp
  • voice
  • composition
  • flute
  • oboe
  • clarinet
  • cello
  • saxophone
  • guitar
  • trumpet
  • violin
  • viola
  • percussion
  • Students can participate in a number of bands, orchestras, or choirs.
  • The art program includes fully equipped ceramics, photography and painting studios.

Groups & Lessons Theater Program US Course Offerings
Music Program

Students can play with musical groups or take private lessons through After School Classes or in the Summer Program.

Drama Program

Theater experience from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade gives students skills in acting, public speaking, performance, and stagecraft.

Digital & Fine Arts

Upper School arts courses range from simulating digital environments to shaping ceramics on a pottery wheel.

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Contact Music Chair

  • 503-416-9284

Contact Arts Chair

  • , Visual and Performing Arts chair

Performing & Fine Arts