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News from Asha Appel, Head of Upper School

On Monday in the 11th grade PAL meeting, a group of parents did some inquiry work. They explored their individual ideas, collaborated to find meaning, created strong assertions, and committed to an argument with evidence. This group was invested in trying to better understand homework with the goal of being able to support their stressed out kids. Being a parent of a high schooler is hard work–there’s no answer key, no manual, no guide to doing it well. Those same challenges are true for much of the learning our students experience as well: they have to explore, often without a map; they have to create, sometimes without yet fully recognizing the resources available to them; they have to collaborate with those who think and experience the world differently; and they have to commit, even when they are not sure they’ve got the right answer. And so it is that we all are learners, constantly persisting. As the poet Adrienne Rich writes, “It will not be simple, it will become your will.”

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