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Note from Ann Sulzer, Head of School

We have all returned from our trips this past week with new connections to each other and a greater understanding of all kinds of skills from camping, to canoeing, to learning how to take care of each other as we build relationships. These trips put some students far out of their comfort zones, while others feel completely at ease. These are powerful experiences that we cannot create in our classrooms, yet they do so much to build empathy and understanding of our students that we build on for the entire year.

Here in the Middle School hallways this week, we are returning to life as usual. Our Gatherings have been great this year with the addition of Performance Tuesdays, where students are invited to share a talent or skill in Middle School Gathering. So far, we have heard from an eighth grader with a beautifully polished piece on violin, from a sixth grader who was brave enough to share a flute piece after just starting to learn flute two months ago, and the highlight so far: a combined piano and Rubik’s Cube performance where two eighth graders performed in tandem solving a Rubik’s Cube set to classical music. All three of these performances had a rapt audience who responded with thunderous applause. What amazing models of risk-taking all of our performers have been, standing up in front of 208 of their peers, sharing talents and vulnerability. We could not hope for a better learning experience than that in the Middle School.

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