After School

Extension fall term runs September 6 - December 15 , 2017

Welcome to MS Extension!

MS Extension is excited to continue to provide its drop-in after school program from 3:05-6:00 pm at no cost to our MS families.

We are also excited to offer several new after school studio classes piloted in the fall at no additional cost to families!

Additional classes, including no school day and conference day classes are being discussed and planned. More to come soon!

Looking forward to seeing you all this Fall for another fantastic MS Extension school-year!

Fall Weekly After School Schedule

Extension Home Base

Extension Home Base starts at 3:05pm and goes until 6:00pm. Students sign in and grab snack in the MS Project room.

MS Extension focuses on student-centered exploration. Students are invited to explore all of our After School activities, class options, and homework study spaces. We provide a variety of after school activities and study spaces so that students can self-select their learning environments and what their after school time can look like. Our students are able to pursue and develop interests, connect and build relationships with their peers, and continue the important work of self-discovery.

Extension Work and Hangout Spaces

Library Study Space

Extension in the Library:

The Library is available from 3:05-6:00 for students to use to do research, quietly work on group projects, do independent work.

Project Room

Project Room:

In addition to sign and snack the Project Room is available most days for group work. Students are able to listen to music, create art, or collaborate in this space

Drama Room

Drama Room:

Much like the Project Room, the Drama Room is available after school for group work. Students are able to listen to music, play games,

CC Room

The CC Room is available after school for quiet independent or quiet group work. Often students study for tests or work quietly on group projects together in this space.

Room to Breathe

Room to Breathe. This room is available after school for students who may need some time to relax, reflect, or take some space from the day. Students are also able to use this space as a quiet study area but priority is provided to student's wishing to utilize the room to breathe.

MS Commons

The MS Commons is available most days after school. Students are able to play music, do work, build projects, and are often found engaged in a game or activity.

On Fridays we have our Movie in the Commons. Come find us with couches and cushions relaxing in this space.

Additional MS Rooms

Additional Rooms including Labs may be available periodically. Extension is working with our Science instructors on Inquiry and Science Research to provide an after school space for these projects.

More to come!

Studio Classes

Extension is excited to pilot several Studio Classes this Fall! These are piloted drop-in classes currently provided at no additional cost to our MS families.

Photography and Film Studio

Photography & Film

Mondays: 3:30-4:30

Location: MS

Jam Mandeberg is excited to facilitate a Studio Class for the MS. Jam comes to OES with a background and degree in Cinema. Students will be able to explore different approaches to film and photography, creating one time works or building a project over the semester.

Gaming Studio

Game Studio: Austin Schock '09

Wednesdays: 3:30-4:30

Location: MS

From board games to virtual reality, games have shaped how we interact with the world around us. We'll be playing board games, bored games, card games, acting games, video games, role playing games, table top games, trivia games, fun games, silly games, and games that we make up ourselves.

Snack Shack Studio

Snack Shack: Denise Thompson

Thursdays: 3:30-4:30

Location: Project Room

Bake, cook, create. Enhance your kitchen prowess and reap the delicious rewards! Come explore the flavors and possibilities of food with Denise Thompson who is excited to bring her popular snack shack to the MS.

After School Classes

MS Extension is excited to continue expanding on its class offerings throughout the school year. Check back for additions and updates!

Thursday Morning Classes

Extension Late Start

Extension is working on creating oppportunities for students before school on Thursdays. More to come soon!

Instructors After School

Students are welcome to sign into extension, grab a snack, and meet with an instructor.

Instructors After School

Instructors are available after school from 3:05-3:45

Check with individual instructors about availability and location as both may vary.

Open Studio

Open Studio from the Art Department is provided at least once a week from 3:05-4:00

After Math

After Math by the Math Department is provided throughout the week.

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