Inclusion & Community Engagement

As an Episcopal institution, our goal is to create an environment within and beyond our community that recognizes and values each person’s identity and lived experiences. We seek to cultivate an environment where everyone thrives, flourishes, and is known. This is an inclusive environment; an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

We seek to be culturally competent individually and as a community by:

  • Building self-awareness: understanding who we are in relationships to those around us
  • Developing intercultural communication skills: understanding how culture impacts communication and developing skills and strategies to communicate effectively with people of many cultures
  • Cultivating cultural knowledge: listening and learning about the experiences and dynamics of cultures that are not our own
  • Acting to be inclusive: acting on an individual and institutional level to be inclusive by reflecting and evaluating our individual actions and institutional structures and systems

We seek to promote inclusion and engage within our community and in the community beyond our school. Through community engagement we raise awareness of human differences, participate in dialogue, and strive to create inclusive and intentional multicultural communities.

We support students, families, employees, and community members in expanding their understanding of the variety of human experiences through:


We invite students, families, employees, and community members to engage in dialogues to cultivate deep thinking, social action, and cultural competence.


We work with local thought partners and experts to create intercultural competence training and facilitate equity-based dialogues to create a school environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all.


We connect with the Beaverton School District via school-year tutoring, summer educational and enrichment programs, and educational exchanges that provide those involved the opportunity to serve and lead.


We aspire to living our mission, vision, and values statement by creating a connected community.

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